JRLE Best Article Award


The JRLE Best Article award Award is given annually to the author(s) of the most outstanding article published in Journal of Research on Leadership Education (JRLE) during the preceding volume year. The article selection is made by a member panel chosen from the JRLE Editorial Board members who have not published in the volume being reviewed.

The JRLE Best Article Award was established in 2014. The deadline for nominations dues by August 25, 2023. Please email electronic copies of all nomination materials to ucea.org@gmail.com with the title of the award in the subject line.

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JRLE Best Article Award Recipients


Noelle Witherspoon Arnold, The Ohio State University, Azadeh Osanloo , New Mexico State University, Whitney Sherman Newcomb, Virginia Commonwealth University

Paying Professional Taxes for Promotion and Tenure: The Costs of Justice Work for Black Faculty


Rachel Garver & Tanya Maloney, Montclair State University


Eliana Castro, University of Vermont, Cierra B. Presberry, Michigan State University, and Terah T. Venzant Chambers, Michigan State University
Twelve Years Unslaved: Lessons From Reconstruction and Brown for Contemporary School Leaders


Erica Fernández (Miami University) and Samantha Paredes Scribner (IUPUI)
Organizational Politics of Parental Engagement: The Intersections of School Reform, Anti-Immigration Policies, and Latinx Parent Organizing


Anjalé D. Welton (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Melissa A. Martinez (Texas State University)
Straddling Cultures, Identities, and Inconsistencies: Voices of Pre-Tenure Faculty of Color in Educational Leadership


Michael D. Steele (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Kate R. Johnson (Brigham Young University), Samuel Otten (University of Missouri), Beth A. Herbel-Eisenmann  (Michigan State University), and Cynthia L. Carver (Oakland University)
Improving Instructional Leadership Through the Development of Leadership Content Knowledge: The Case of Principal Learning in Algebra. Journal of Research on Leadership Education, February, 2015; vol. 10, 2: pp. 127150., first published on February 2, 2015


Chad R. Lochmiller, Indiana University
Leadership Coaching in an Induction Program for Novice Principals: A 3-Year Study. Journal of Research on Leadership Education, April 2014; vol. 9, 1: pp. 59-84., first published on September 3, 2013


Philip V. Robey and Scott C. Bauer
Change in University-Based Programs of Educational Leadership: How Responsive Have Programs Been? Journal of Research on Leadership Education, December 2013; vol. 8, 3: pp. 261279., first published on August 6, 2013