Roald F. Campbell Lifetime Achievement Award


Roald F. Campbell Lifetime Achievement Award was instituted by UCEA in 1992 for the purpose of recognizing senior professors in the field of educational administration whose professional lives have been characterized by extraordinary commitment, excellence, leadership, productivity, generosity, and service. At the same time, the award celebrates the remarkable pioneering life of Roald F. Campbell, whose distinguished career spanned many years and exemplified these characteristics. The award consists of a unique bronze eagle presented at the UCEA Convention.

The criteria used in selecting recipients include:

Roald F. Campbell

  • longtime distinguished service as teacher/researcher in the field of educational administration;
  • superior contributions to the field’s body of knowledge;
  • recognized leadership efforts to improve the field, especially the preparation of educational administrators and/or professors of educational administration.

Nominations are welcome from faculty member(s) of UCEA member institutions and partner institutions. Nominations should include electronic copies of the following:

  • the candidate’s curriculum vitae;
  • a letter addressing the contributions of the nominee relative to one or more of the selection criteria;
  • support letters from individuals who have been directly mentored by the nominee, and/or individuals who can attest to the nominee’s mentoring strengths, are strongly encouraged.

A UCEA committee appointed by the Executive Director will review and evaluate the nominees. This committee will reserve the right to present this award to multiple candidates on any given year, or conversely, not to present this award should nominees not fully meet the selection criteria. 

Please email electronic copies of all nomination materials to uceaawards@gmail.com with the title of the award in the subject line. Nominations must be received by May 27, 2022.

Roald F. Campbell Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients


Michael Dantley, Miami University


Kofi Lomotey, Western Carolina University


  Diana Pounder, University of Utah


  Pedro Reyes, University of Texas at Austin
  Daniel L. Duke, University of Virginia

2017   Carolyn M. Shields, Wayne State University
2016   Ellen Goldring, Vanderbilt University
2015   Gary M. Crow, Indiana University
2014   Philip Hallinger, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
2013   Robert Crowson, Peabody College – Vanderbilt University
2012   Kenneth Arthur Leithwood, University of Toronto – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
2011   Joseph F. Murphy, Vanderbilt University
2010   Rodney Ogawa, University of California-Santa Cruz
2009   Karen Seashore Louis, University of Minnesota
2008   Catherine Marshall, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
2007   Cecil Miskel, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Retired)
2006   Jerry Starrat, Boston College
2005   Flora Ida Ortiz, University of California, Riverside
2004   Martha McCarthy, Indiana University
2003   Wayne Hoy, The Ohio State University
2002   William L. Boyd, Penn State
2001   Barbara Jackson, Fordham University
2000   Luvern L. Cunningham, University of Akron
1999   No Award
1998   Norman J. Boyan, University of California-Santa Barbara
1997   Donald J. Willower, The Pennsylvania State University
1996   Edwin M. Bridges, Stanford University
1995   Richard A. Schmuck, The University of Oregon
1994   David L. Clark, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1993   Jack A. Culbertson, The Ohio State University
1992   Daniel E. Griffiths, New York University