Convention 2011

Thank You for Attending the Annual UCEA Convention

 “Forecasting the Future of Leadership Preparation and Practice:  

Reclaiming Ground through Research, Policy and Politics”

 Thursday, November 17 – Sunday, November 20, 2011- Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you for attending our annual convention! We sincerely appreciate your contributions to the program.  We want to ensure that our convention encompasses rigor, relevance, and opportunities to build relationships.  We value your participation and support of our programs and initiatives.

Now Available- 2011 Convention Keynote Presentations on streaming video. 
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General Session 1:  Featuring Brock Prize in Education Lecture Dr. Laureate Lawrence Lezotte

General Session 2: Featuring the UCEA Presidential Address: Dr. Autumn Tooms

General Session 3: Building a Leadership Pipeline A Wallace Foundation Town Hall

General Session 4: In Honor of the UCEA Barbara L. Jackson Scholars Address by Dr. George Yancy

General Session 5: Featuring Pennsylvania State Mitstifer lecture Address by Dr. Jackie M. Blount

General Session 6: Annual UCEA Banquet Featuring Texas A&M Social Justice Lecturer Manuel Pastor


Important information on the 2011 convention can be found by clicking on an item below: 

Please mark your calendars for Denver in 2012!

The purpose of the 2012 UCEA Convention is to engage participants in discussing research, policy, and practice in educational leadership and administration.  This year’s theme recognizes that the field of university-based leadership preparation is contested while the value of leadership preparation is under assault from multiple directions and by multiple stakeholders. 


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