Developing Purposeful and Coherent Curriculum for Educational Leadership Preparation

Developing Purposeful and Coherent Leadership Preparation Curriculum is a guide to the development of high-quality educational leadership preparation program curriculum. The guide outlines a process and provides a set of tools to aid program faculty in articulating and aligning leadership expectations to their program content and in order to foster program coherence. Included in the guide are worksheets to guide curriculum planning and standards alignment, to assess content coherence, and to determine the relevance of content and learning experiences to program goals and priorities.

The guide can be used for new program development or to evaluate anexisting program for renewal and revision.  According to Ann O’Doherty, Ann O’Doherty who also directs the Danforth Educational Leadership Program at the University of Washington, “Developing effective school leaders requires collaboration among committed partners. By following the process included in this guide, we worked with our district partners to surface assumptions, articulate core beliefs and define a theory of leadership development. These efforts laid the groundwork needed to craft cohesive learning experiences. I look forward to ongoing incorporation of the activities suggested within the guide to keep our program relevant to the learning and experiential needs of school and district level leaders.”

Michelle D. Young, UCEA Executive Director, stated, “UCEA has worked with scholars and other stakeholders to develop a strong and growing understanding of how to prepare educational leaders to support school improvement and student achievement, and this guide bridges that research to the practice of preparing leaders.  It includes a research-based framework, guiding questions, and a series of a tools that guide programs in developing and revising their content and learning experiences as well as evaluating the alignment to and effectiveness of their program’s theory of action.”

Included among these tools are worksheets designed to surface the program theory about the relationship between preparation and candidate outcomes; to map courses, readings, and assignments; and to align the curriculum with leadership standards.  This curriculum mapping guide was produced as part of UCEA’s Preparation Tool Kit Series and represents a commitment by UCEA to develop and share resources on effective educational leadership preparation.  Other resources in the UCEA Preparation Tool Kit Series include Institutional and Program Quality Criteria: Guidance for Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Educational Leadership, Developing Evaluation Evidence: A Formative and Summative Evaluation Planner for Educational Leadership Preparation Programs, and Developing Powerful Learning Experiences.