A Deeper Look: INSPIRE Data Demonstrates Quality in Educational Leadership Preparation

A new report, Deeper Look: INSPIRE Data Demonstrates Quality in Educational Leadership Preparation, synthesizes data drawn from a valid and reliable program evaluation survey – the INSPIRE Preparation Program Survey. The primary goal of the INSPIRE Surveys is to provide a source of data for program faculty to critically evaluate their program in order to engage in productive changes for improvement, accreditation, and stakeholder support.

Data was submitted from 113 different college-based preparation programs. The analysis reveals that UCEA programs incorporate program design elements and practices that reflect research evidence for high quality principal preparation including:          

  • Alignment to Professional Standards: All UCEA member institutions align their program to national or state standards, and many align to more than one set of standards.
  • Partnerships with Districts: The majority of UCEA member institutions engage in university-district partnerships, particularly including district partners in the selection and recruitment of candidates and as course instructors.
  • Mentoring for Candidates and Novice Leaders: 83% of UCEA member institutions offer candidates the support of mentors who have evidence demonstrating their success as an educational leader.
  • Clinical Experience in Schools with Diverse Student Populations: UCEA membership requires a clinical or “fieldwork” component and 96% of members design internships that offer the opportunity to work with diverse student populations.
  • Accessible Program Scheduling: 80% of UCEA member institutions offer evening courses to accommodate candidates with full-time work in a K-12 setting and many offer courses at a district location for convenience.
  • Course Instruction Provided by Highly Qualified Faculty: Full-time faculty lead the majority of program courses for UCEA member institutions and 85% use practitioners to a great or good extent in fieldwork supervision.
  • Multiple Assessment Practices: A strong majority of UCEA member institutions provide formative feedback and assessment from a variety of sources including problem-based learning activities, field-based assignments & oral presentations.
  • Career Support: UCEA member institutions offer a variety of resources for graduates including interviewing assistance, job counseling, job referrals, networking opportunities, and continued mentoring for novice principals.