INSPIRE Leadership Survey Suite


The  Initiative for Systemic Program Improvement through Research in Educational Leadership (INSPIRE) Surveys include a suite of evaluation resources made available by the UCEA Center for the Evaluation of Educational Leadership Preparation and Practice.  These surveys are available for leadership preparation programs to produce evidence helpful in improving programs, meeting accreditation requirements, and making the case for support among various constituencies.  INSPIRE is aligned with national educational leadership standards, the UCEA Institutional and Program Quality Criteria and provides a source of evidence on program outcomes.

INSPIRE Overview Document


The INSPIRE Leadership Suite currently includes: 

Preparation Program Edition (INSPIRE-PP) The INSPIRE Preparation Program Features (INSPIRE-PP) Survey is designed to describe core features of educational leadership preparation programs. These descriptive data may be used for multiple purposes including program description, improvement, program approval or accreditation. These data may also be used as part of a larger multi-institutional state or national database that could capture trends in educational leadership preparation. The Program Features survey includes questions concerning candidate selection practices, program design, core content, instructional delivery approaches, candidate assessment practices, program improvement, and accreditation (see more details below).

Sample INSPIRE-PP Report

Graduate Edition (INSPIRE-G) — The specific purpose of this survey is to elicit feedback from alumni on their leadership preparation experiences and learning and career outcomes. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the results of other UCEA Center surveys as well as other program and candidate evidence for formative and summative leadership preparation program evaluation.  The administration window for INSPIRE-G will open on April 1, 2017 and run through July 31, 2017.

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After using this discussion guide above to review your program’s survey data, you should
  1. Understand the survey content,
  2. Understand the survey report and how it is organized, and
  3. Develop an understanding about graduate perceptions concerning your leadership preparation program strengths and opportunities for growth.

Supplemental Material for INSPIRE-G:

INSPIRE Graduate Survey Webinar
Informational question and answer session with the INSPIRE Development Team: Video here

Sample INSPIRE-G Report

INSPIRE Graduate Survey Overview

Leader in Practice Edition (INSPIRE-LP)— This instrument enables the educational leadership preparation programs to document leadership practices and school improvement and organizational indicators from the perspective of program graduates who are working as school principals.

360 Edition (INSPIRE-360) — This instrument enables the educational leadership preparation program to document leadership practices and school improvement and organizational indicators in the schools where program graduates work from the perspective of subordinate teachers and superordinate district leader(s).


The INSPIRE Leadership Suite was designed by and is administered by a team of leadership development experts from UCEA and the Utah Education Policy Center. If you are interested in learning more about the INSPIRE Survey Suite, please click HERE or contact