CCSSO Offers Excellent New Curriculum Resource–the LumiBook

CCSSO, in collaboration with School Improvement Network, has released an excellent new resource, the InTASC LumiBook, a free interactive online guide to understanding and applying the updated InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards and Learning Progressions for Teachers.

For those of us in the educational leadership field, this resource helpfully unpacks teacher learning progressions, making it much easier to ensure that leadership preparation program content is strongly aligned to the needs of professional educators.

Additionally, the LumiBook platform is a highly interactive, cloud-based e-reading platform that allows readers to collaborate in an online community centered on the text of a book. Embedded within the InTASC LumiBook, the platform provides resources and social media features that enable educators to explore and improve teaching practices aligned to the InTASC standards. Readers of the LumiBook can engage with the author and with other readers by posting comments, sharing files and ideas, and creating online discussions directly in the text of the book. Through the LumiBook platform, users will have access to video examples of classroom teaching and other resources for each InTASC standard, which can help deepen their understanding of the teaching standards and improve their professional practice.

To access the new InTASC LumiBook, please go to (registration is required).

To learn more about the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards and Learning Progressions for Teachers, please go to or contact Kathleen Paliokas, InTASC Director, at