Past Café UCEAs

Past Café UCEA was an audience participation talk show streamed live on YouTube. It is designed to be an open network environment for scholars to discuss important issues for improving leadership preparation. This program is hosted by Dr. John Nash at University of Kentucky. It is an immediate and practical resource for faculty and graduate students to access information any time and any place.
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  Past Café UCEAs

Developing Principal Supervisors Who Foster Effective Leadership

The development of Model Principal Supervisor Standards 2015 has lead to an evolution of the role of principal supervisors. Thought leaders Dr. Mary Canole and Dr. Janice Harris will share background insight on the generation of the standards, detail the implementation of the standards in Washington, DC as part of The Wallace Foundation’s Principal Supervisor Initiative and offer thoughts on how innovation in this critical position impacts both school and district leadership.

Join Dr. John Nash as he discusses this with two important thought-leaders: Dr. Mary Canole and Dr. Janice Harris, live on the UCEA YouTube channel, originally airing Friday, October 21 at 2:00 PM Eastern.

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Café UCEA Episode 009: Mentoring is more than a buzz word: What is it and how can you do it well?

Featuring: Dr. Mariela Rodriguez, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, UTSA and Dr. Bruce Barnett, Associate Professor, UTSA

Barnett and Rodriguez detail what makes up a high-quality mentoring experience and how it is different from other professional relationships.   They also discuss the reciprocal benefits of mentoring for both the mentor and the mentee.

Mentoring is a skill that many feel comes naturally. However, the research shows that mentoring may be more of a science than an art. Join John Nash as he discusses this with two experienced mentors: Dr. Mariela Rodriguez and Dr. Bruce Barnett, live on Google Hangouts On Air and the UCEA YouTube channel, originally airing Monday, August 22 at 2:00 PM Eastern.

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Café UCEA Episode 008: Goodbye ISLCC, Hello PSEL: All About the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders

Featuring: Dr. Beverly Hutton, Deputy Executive Director, NASSP and Dr. Mary Smylie, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago

Hutton and Smylie describe 10 new leadership standards, along with the vision, values and goals that support them.

First developed in 1996, revised in 2008, and long known as ISLLC, there are important distinctions in the 2015 iteration. In this episode of Café UCEA, we will discuss the evolution of thinking that led to the PSELs. Join John Nash as he discusses this with two key developers of the new PSELs: Dr. Beverly Hutton and Dr. Mark Smylie, live on Google Hangouts On Air and the UCEA YouTube channel, originally airing Friday, March 11 at 3:00 PM Eastern.

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Café UCEA Episode 007: Law, Policy and The Aftermath of ESSA

Featuring: Dr. Ann Blankenship, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi

Listen in to a discussion about the evolving roles for the federal and state government in the aftermath of ESSA.

In this episode of Café UCEA we will discuss the devolution of power to the states and the appropriate federal and state roles for incentivizing equity and building capacity . Join John Nash as he discusses this with Dr. Annie Blankenship of the University of Southern Mississippi and co-editor of the most recent Education Policy and Law Review live on Google Hangouts On Air and the UCEA YouTube channel, originally airing on Tuesday, February 16 at 1:30 PM Eastern.


Café UCEA Episode 006 – What the Research Says About Measuring Principal Effectiveness
Featuring: Dr. Edward Fuller, Associate Professor, Penn State University and Dr. Sheneka Williams, Associate Professor, University of Georgia
Listen in to examine state policies and political contexts concerning principal evaluation and preparation programs!

In this episode of Café UCEA we discuss new findings on measuring principal effectiveness in the December special issue of the Journal of Research on Leadership Education (JRLE).  Join Dr. John Nash as he discusses this important topic with the co-editors of the JRLE issue.  The episode was streamed live on Google Hangouts On Air and the UCEA YouTube channel, originally airing on Thursday, January 28 at 2:30 PM Eastern.

Special issue of the JRLE:


Café UCEA Episode 005 –  Benefits of Online Writing Group

P.O.P (Publish or Perish) Creating Community to Publish

Watch to learn how to create an online writing group starting in the Spring of 2014. 

A writing group can help you get a jump on procrastination, confront loss of motivation and dispel isolation you may feel in your writing. 

Daniela Torre joins John Nash for 30 minutes on the value of writing groups and how you can start your own group online. 


Café UCEA Episode 004 – Delivering Effective Conference Presentations

UCEA Program Center Center for Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE) has compiled the resources for delivering presentation effectively. Please click here to explore. 

To hear suggestions on presentation skills from two early career professors, visit our YouTube channel and watch:


Café UCEA Episode 003 – At a Crossroads: The Educational Leadership Professoriate in the 21st Century
Participants: Donald Hackmann, University of Illinois and Martha McCarthy, Loyola Marymount



Café UCEA – Episode 002 – Online Leadership Preparation

Faculty in UCEA institutions are feeling increased pressure to develop and teach online courses. What are the benefits for our field? Where are the pitfalls? And what does it mean for the preparation of school leaders? Join John Nash as he interviews Jon Becker, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, and VCU’s new interim Director of Online Learning Programs. They’ll discuss what courses make sense to deliver online (and what may not), tackle the question of quality, and ask the question: Should UCEA get in the MOOC business?



Café UCEA – Episode 001 – The Future of Peer Review
Your research is your passion; how can you make sure your presentation of it embodies that passion? How do you select the best format for the story you want to tell? How do you make sure that your audience leaves with a call to action?

In this session of CAFÉ UCEA, we take 30 minutes to talk about how to make the most of the different presentation formats available at the UCEA Convention in order to help you tell the most engaging story possible. Join John Nash as he discusses this with Madeline Mavrogordato and Bradley Davis live on Google Hangouts On Airand the UCEA YouTube channel.


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