UCEA Webinar Series

The centrality of leadership to impact school improvement has been well documented. As a result, educational reformers have turned their attention to how leaders are prepared. The University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), along with other educational experts, strives to identify and promote programs that effectively prepare future leaders who are able to lead school improvement resulting in enhanced student achievement. In recent years researchers have identified several preparation program features associated with effective leadership practice, and educational leadership preparation programs have redesigned their content and delivery, incorporating these features and enhancing their impact. This webinar series highlights research and practice that drives high quality leadership preparation and practice.




Jan 2021 JSN Webinar “Publishing Strategies to Kickstart Your Semester”
Host by Dr. Sarah Woulfin

Dec 2020 JSN Webinar “2020 Convention Debrief: Themes, Meaning, and Application to Scholarship”
Host by Dr. Bill Black, Dr. Rosa Rivera-McCutchen, Dr. Yanira Oliveras Ortiz, and Dr. James Wright

“The Work Continues: Making the Most of Sheltering-in-Place”
Host by: Bryan VanGronigen & Daniel Moraguez

“Establishing Your Path to a Successful Publishing Career “

Host by: Dr. Anjale Devawn Welton & Dr. Melissa A. Martinez

“So you want to be a Jackson Scholar”
Host by Jackson Scholar Network

“Navigating UCEA Tips from the Field to Maximize Professional Opportunities”
Hosted by Dr. Hollie Mackey & Dr. Kristina Hesbol

“Untapped Resources: Discovering Opportunities Within UCEA Program Centers”
Hosted by Dr. Jayson Richardson & Dr. Liliana Castrellón


“Preachin’ It! Practical Advice to Start Your Semester Right”
Hosted by Dr. Judy Alston

“Establishing the Contours of your Research Agenda”
Hosted by Dr. Irene Yoon

Doing Good Research Well: Socially-just Approaches for Collaborating with Marginalized Communities as an Outsider
Hosted by Dr. Joseph A. Smearman Levitan and Dr. Kayla Johnson  

Summer Scholar: Strategies for Making the Most out of Summer “Break”

Hosted by Dr. Monica Byrne-Jimenez

Crafting Strong Conference Proposals: Organizing and Effectively Articulating your Research from CFPs to Submission 
Hosted by Dr. Hollie J. Mackey and Dr. James S. Wright 

Navigating AERA: Tips from the Field to Maximize Professional Opportunities
Hosted by Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig and Dr. Angel Miles Nash

UCEA Graduate Student Webinar Series – Presented by Jackson Scholars Network  
Transition Mindsets: From Graduate Student to Potential Faculty Colleague
“Things new faculty wish they had learned earlier about navigating AERA.” Hosted by Dr. Julia Mahfouz and Dr. Kristina Brezicha,

Title: IES Funding Opportunities for Education Leadership Researchers
Date/Time: Tuesday, July 17, :00-2:00 pm EDT
Featuring: Dr. Katina Stapleton, Program Officer, Institute of Education Sciences
The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) is interested in funding research on K-12 education leaders at the school, district, and state levels. IES is now accepting applications for its FY 2019 research competitions. This webinar discusses specific funding opportunities for research on education leaders (e.g. principals, vice-principals, teacher-leaders, district administrators, etc.). IES Program Officer Katina Stapleton offers a brief overview of the IES funding structure and then explore the specific requirements for the Education Leadership and Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in Education Research competitions. Dr. Stapleton also provides practical tips and respond to questions. Additional on-demand and live webinars about IES’ FY 2019 funding opportunities are also available at

Online here.

Title: New Standards for Educational Leadership: A Framework for Preparing, Supporting and Evaluating School Leaders
Date/Time: Thursday, May 3rd, 4:00-5:00 pm EDT
Featuring:  Michelle Young, Executive Director of UCEA
                        Jackie Wilson, Executive Director of the National Policy Board for Educational Administration
As the job of an educational leader evolves and expands, clear and consistent leadership standards become even more important. The National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) Program Recognition Standards for building level leadership preparation address the most critical knowledge and skills areas for beginning building level educational leaders.

Join UCEA Executive Director, Michelle Young, and National Policy Board for Educational Administration Executive Director, Jackie Wilson, for an in depth look at the new standards.


Online here.

Title: Tales from the Field What Graduates Have to Say About Exemplary Preparation

Date/Time: Friday, October 20th, 1:00-2:00 pm EDT
Featuring:  Kaleen Barnett, Principal, Colorado Charter High School
                        Ra’Jeanna Conerly, Principal, Lakeland Elementary School
                        Allison Tingwall, Principal, Curie Metro High School
A principal has one of the most difficult jobs which is why preparation for this position is so vital. To celebrate October as National Principals Month, UCEA wants to hear directly from principals about how high-quality, research-based preparation has impacted their leadership. How has their preparation experience supported graduates on the job? Which components of their program do graduates continually pull from as they lead schools? To answer these questions we turn to practicing principals and graduates from the University of Denver, University of Illinois-Chicago and University of Washington. Graduates share unique perspectives about what has supported them toward exemplary leadership.

Online here.

Title: How Districts and Universities Work Together to Develop Leadership Tracking Systems

Date/Time: Monday, July 24th, 3:30-4:30 pm EDT
Featuring: Damaries Blondonville, Project Manager for Wallace Foundation Grants, Prince George’s
                                County Public Schools
                        Tricia McManus, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Leadership
                                & Professional Development, Hillsborough County Public Schools
                        Brenda Turnbull, Principal, Policy Studies Associates
School districts can draw on data to improve the chances that a new principal will be ready for success on the job. A report from the Policy Studies Associates, Leader Tracking Systems: Turning Data into Information for School Leadership, takes a detailed look at six districts developing data systems through the Wallace Foundation’s Principal Pipeline Initiative. During this webinar we 1) explore lessons learned from these districts about building a leader tracking system (LTS), 2) engage in a robust discussion about the challenges and benefits of university/district data sharing and 3) consider how data gathered through a LTS can help preparation programs measure effectiveness.

Online here.

Title: Writing an Effective Policy Brief

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 2:00 PM EDT
Featuring: Kelly Latterman, Policy Specialist, National Conference of State Legislatures
                       Dr. Jane Clark Lindle, Eugene Moore Professor of Ed Leadership, Clemson University
                       Dr. Edward Fuller, Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University
NCSL and UCEA policy experts offer guidance on how to enhance the effectiveness of your policy briefs as well as outline key components of briefs.

Online here.

Title: Getting Principal Preparation Right
Date/Time: Thursday, March 9, 2017 12:00 PM EST
Featuring: Dr. Erika Hunt, Center for the Study of Education Policy, Illinois State University 
                       Dr. Ann O’Doherty, Director, Danforth Educational Leadership Program, Univ. of Washington
                       Dr. Diana Pounder, Utah Education Policy Center, University of Utah
Join UCEA for an engaging conversation detailing how members of the UCEA consortium have distinguished themselves from the broader field of educational leadership preparation providers and addressing critics of the field.

Online here.

A Deeper Look: INSPIRE Data Demonstrates Quality Practices in Leadership Preparation synthesizes data drawn from a valid and reliable program evaluation survey – the INSPIRE Preparation Program Survey. The aggregated data presented contrasts other reports bemoaning the lack of relevancy and rigor of leadership preparation. As such, the findings are a valuable tool to programs attempting to document the strength of their leadership preparation program.

Powerpoint Slide Deck-Getting Principal Prep Right Webinar

Title: The Department of Education, ESSA and School Leadership
Date/Time: Thursday, February 2, 2017 2:00 PM EST

Featuring: Charles Doolittle, Senior Policy Advisor at the Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development in the U.S. Department of Education


Online here

Join UCEA and Charles Doolittle, Team Lead for the School Leadership Program at the U.S. Department of Education, for a vibrant discussion about funding streams for university-based leadership preparation in ESSA. We will also discuss the new administration’s impact on ESSA implementation and school leadership broadly.


Title: The Wallace Foundation’s new University Preparation Program Initiative (UPPI): Implications for the Educational Leadership Field
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 29 at 11 am ET
Featuring: Dr. Jody Spiro, The Wallace Foundation

Online here
Jody Spiro of The Wallace Foundation will join UCEA’s Michelle Young for a conversation focused on Wallace’s new work focused on leadership preparation. Although the foundation has invested in educational leadership for over 15 years, it is only in recent years that the foundation has turned its attention to university-based leadership preparation.  

In this webinar, Spiro will share insight from the foundation on the recent and future work in this area.  In particular, Spiro will share a recent Wallace Foundation Report, “Improving University Principal Preparation Programs: Five Themes From the Field,” which examines perceptions of university preparation, improvement initiatives and state and institutional barriers to program change. Spiro will also share information on the foundations University Preparation Program Initiative in which the foundation will devote $47 million to help universities improve how they prepare future principals.

Given the implications for the UCEA programs involved in this Wallace work as well as for knowledge development, we wanted to give UCEA members a chance to have their questions answered directly from the initiative’s leadership at The Wallace Foundation.

Join UCEA for an engaging conversation about these and other Wallace Foundation initiatives, what they mean for university-based preparation, and next steps for the field moving forward.

Title: Measuring and Assessing School-wide Leadership
Date/Time: Thursday, April 28th from 3-4 pm ET
Featuring: Dr. Mark Blitz, CALL Project Director for the WCEPS
                       Jennifer Michno, Clinical Instructor & Program Coordinator for LEAD CT/UCAPP Residency
                       Dr. Marsha Modeste , Assistant Professor of Education at Pennsylvania State University

Online here
UCEA discusses an innovative tool for educational leadership development offered by the Wisconsin Center for Education Products & Services (WCEPS): The Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL). There are many ways CALL can benefit practitioners, researchers, and pre-service school leaders alike.

The Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL) is a cloud-based school-wide leadership assessment and feedback system. Rather than focus on an individual school leader, CALL utilizes a multi-source comprehensive survey to assess core leadership practices that are distributed across the school building. Upon completion, users receive automated targeted data and feedback designed to support school improvement and professional growth.
Topics addressed include:

  • Application of CALL instruments to benefit educational leadership training & development
  • Formative assessment of leadership practices for school-based leaders
  • Data generated by CALL for program evaluation
  • Qualitative and quantitative research opportunities to measure school-wide leadership

Title: Questions Answered about the EELPP Award and Application Process
Date/Time: Wednesday, March 30th at 2 pm ET
Featuring: Dr. Shelby Cosner, Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
                       Dr. Ann O’Doherty, Director, Danforth Educational Leadership Program, Univ. of Washington

Online here
 Are you thinking about applying for the EELPP award?  Then don’t miss this chance to have all your questions answered and receive key tips from a past recipient.

Quality leadership preparation is essential to quality leadership practice. Research reveals an important relationship between preparation and leaders’ career outcomes, practices and school improvement efforts. To celebrate exemplary programs and encourage their development, UCEA has established an Award for Exemplary Educational Leadership Preparation. This award complements UCEA’s core mission to advance the preparation and practice of educational leaders for the benefit of all children and schools.

Dr. Michelle Young, UCEA Executive Director, leads an interactive conversation with Dr. Shelby Cosner, Academic Program Director for UICs Doctorate in Urban Educational Leadership (2013 EELPP award recipient), and Dr. Ann O’Doherty, UCEA consultant for the EELPP application process, detailing the EELPP award and application process from A to Z.
The discussion includes: 
  • Overview of the EELPP application process
  • Insights from past reviewers
  • Discussion of what the application process and reviewer feedback offers programs
  • Opportunity for future applicants to have their questions answered

Title: A Policymaker’s Guide: Research-Based Policy for Principal Preparation Program Approval and Licensure
Date/Time: Tuesday, February 23rd at 3 pm ET
Featuring: Dr. Erin Anderson, Research Associate, UCEA
                       Dr. Katy Anthes , Executive Director of Educator Effectiveness, CO Dept. of Education
                       Amy Reynolds, Doctoral Student and Graduate Assistant, UCEA

Online here
UCEA is proud to announce a new and important policy report, A Policymaker’s Guide: Research-Based Policy for Principal Preparation Program Approval and Licensure. The Guide intends to provide policymakers and researchers with a better understanding of which high-leverage, research-based policies for principal preparation and licensure are present in current policy in each state.

Join us on the webinar as we highlight the high-leverage policies presented in the report and make the case for more robust adoption by state policymakers. Co-authors and UCEA researchers, Erin Anderson and Amy Reynolds, will detail the high-leverage state policies and individual state profiles detailed in their exciting new report, A Policymaker’s Guide. Katy Anthes, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Education’s Educator Effectiveness Team, will discuss prior research in the area and the importance to states.

Title: Improving Principal Preparation Using Evaluation Evidence: INSPIRE Graduate Survey (G)

Date/Time: Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 2 pm EDT

Featuring: Dr. Cori Groth, Utah Education Policy Center, University of Utah
                       Dr. Diana Pounder, Utah Education Policy Center, University of Utah
                       Dr. Pamela Tucker, UCEA and the University of Virginia

Online here

Download PDF file: INSPIRE Graduate Survey Webinar
 If you are interested in using a validated instrument to gather feedback from your graduates on what they learned while a student in your preparation program, then you should consider the INSPIRE Leadership Graduate Survey (INSPIRE-G). This survey, which is part of the INSPIRE-Leadership Program Evaluation Survey Suite, gathers graduate feedback on what they learned, how they learned it and what their career plans include. All of the INSPIRE-Leadership tools are aligned to national leadership standards and reflect the latest research on the features that matter most in effective leadership preparation programs.

If you have administered the INSPIRE Preparation Program Edition (INSPIRE-PP) and are interested in making the most of your data or if you are just learning about the INSPIRE survey, this webinar is for you.

Questions this webinar will address include: * What does INSPIRE-G assess? * How does INSPIRE-G complement the program features survey? * What is the value of INSPIRE-G to my educational leadership program? * How can I maximize the use of the data I receive from my survey results for accreditation and program improvement?

Title: How States Can Help Promote Effective Principals?

Date/Time: Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 3 pm EDT
Featuring: Dr. Paul Manna, College of William and Mary
                      Kelly Latterman, National Conference of State Legislatures

Online here

Research has demonstrated that school leadership is second only to teaching among school-related factors influencing student success. Despite its importance, however, the principalship often gets shortchanged on state policy agendas. To recruit, support and retain excellent principals, states need to work with local school districts to effectively use policy tools available to them.

This webinar, jointly sponsored by UCEA and the Wallace Foundation, will attempt to suggest ways states can work with local school and districts to promote and support principals. Dr. Paul Manna, a recognized scholar of education and author of the new Wallace Foundation Report, Developing Excellent School Principals to Advance Teaching and Learning: Considerations for State Policy, joins the conversation to discuss policy levers available to states to promote effective principals. Kelly Latterman, a Policy Associate with the National Conferences of State Legislatures offers her insight on best practices among states to promote the principal pipeline.

Title: Instructional Leadership in a Real World School

Date/Time: Thursday, November 12th, 2015 3 pm EDT
Featuring: Dr. Joseph Murphy, Vanderbilt University
                      Robyn Hansen, NAESP
                       Michael Allison, NASSP

Online here

The presidents of NASSP and NAESP joined UCEA for an important and lively discussion featuring strategies for prioritizing instructional leadership in real world school settings. The webinar, jointly sponsored by UCEA and the Wallace Foundation in collaboration with NASSP and NAESP, features a new Wallace Foundation Report, “Making Time for Instructional Leadership” as well as two celebrated principals who will discuss strategies they use to implement instructional leadership behaviors in their schools and lessons they learned for overcoming the obstacles that limit time spent on instructional leadership. 

Title: What Can Higher Education Learn from New Educational Advocacy Organizations?
Date/Time: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT
Featuring: Paul Manna, College of William and Mar

Online here

Join UCEA on for a informative conversation with Professor Paul Manna, College of William and Mary, sponsored by The Wallace Foundation.  The focus of the webinar is Manna’s recent released report, titled: New Education Advocacy Organizations in the US: National Snapshot and a Case Study of Advance Illinois.  Manna uses the concept of “policy entrepreneurship” to examine the characteristics and priorities of many of the newly formed education advocacy organizations in the US, how they operate and influence policy, and factors associated with their success.  The strategies used by new advocacy organizations hold interesting possibilities for colleges of education. We hope you can join us for this interesting conversation.

This Webinar is made possible by a generous grant from the Wallace Foundation.

Title: The District Role in Supporting School Level Leadership

Date/Time: May 2014
Featuring: Andy Cole, The Wallace Foundation
                       Meredith Honig, The University of Washington
                       Trisha McManus, Hillsborough County Public Schools

This webinar focuses on a recent Wallace Foundation report, which highlights the important role that districts, and in particular principal supervisors, must play in supporting school level leaders.   Recent research has demonstrated the many challenges facing school leaders, particularly during their first few years in the job.  Join Michelle Young, UCEA Executive Director, as she welcomes three panelists from the UCEA stakeholder community in a discussion focused on how universities and districts can work together to support school level leaders and develop district capacity in this area.  The expert panel will include Andy Cole, Meredith Honig and Trisha McManus. 

This Webinar is made possible by a generous grant from the Wallace Foundation.

Title: From Partnerships to Professional Learning Communities (516 KB)

Date/time: Monday, February 3rd, 2014, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT

Click Here to Watch Webinar Slideset

UCEA is proud to bring educational leadership faculty a free webinar highlighting the formation of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for preparation.

Many educational leadership programs have or are developing partnerships with local schools and districts in an effort to increase the relevancy of their preparation programs to the particular needs of local educational communities. Members of the Wallace Preparation Provider PLC argue that we need more than partnerships, however. They argue that we need professional learning communities. Join us for a web-based conversation exploring the development of preparationfocused professional learning communities at the local, institutional and national level. Participants will share their work within PLCs at each of the levels and the opportunities provided by such engagement. Participants will include Cheryl King, director and principal investigator for the project; Brad Portin, the University of Washington; Susan Korach, the University of Denver; and Michael Johanek, the University of Pennsylvania.

This Webinar is made possible by a generous grant from the Wallace Foundation.

Title:Cultivating the Principals Urban Schools Need
Date/time: Wednesday, October 23, 2013, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

Online here

This webinar focuses on the recent Wallace Foundation report Districts Matter: Cultivating the Principals Urban Schools Need. This report highlights the important role that districts play in shaping the destinies of its principals. Join Michelle Young, UCEA Executive Director, as she welcomes four panelists from the UCEA stakeholder community as they discuss the implications of this work for principal development and evaluation, as well as, the development of district level leaders to supervise and support building level principals. The expert panel includes Rashidah Morgan, Director of Leadership Development, Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools; Andy Cole, Educational Leadership Development Consultant, Former Director of Leadership Development for Fairfax County Public Schools; Mary Canole, Consultant on School Leadership, Council of Chief State School Officers and Ann O’Doherty, Director, Danforth Educational Leadership Program, University of Washington.

This Webinar is made possible by a generous grant from the Wallace Foundation.

Title: Funding Opportunities for “Improving Education Systems” through the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) 

Date/timeJuly 17, 2013, 2:00-3:30 EST
Featuring: Katina Stapleton & James Benson, IES Program Officers for the “Improving Education Systems” Program

Online here

IES program officers will describe the funding opportunities for educational leadership researchers that are currently available for Fiscal Year 2014, including those under the “Improving Education Systems” and “Partnerships and Collaborations Focused on Problems of Practice or Policy” program areas. During the webinar, IES staff will provide information on applying for grants, identify issues requiring special consideration, and address listeners’ questions.