Evaluation of Educational Leadership Preparation and Practice (NCEELPP)


UCEA’s National Center for the Evaluation of Educational Leadership Preparation and Practice (NCEELPP) embraces UCEA’s commitment to excellence in leadership preparation, research, and continuous improvement. NCEELPP is supported by scholars from the Initiative for Systemic Program Improvement through Research in Educational (INSPIRE) Leadership Collaborative, which provides leadership development and evaluation resources to preparation programs, states, districts, and schools.  The INSPIRE Leadership Collaborative offers validated surveys, including the INSPIRE Graduate Survey (INSPIRE-G), INSPIRE Program Survey (NSPIRE-PP), and INSPIRE Leader in Practice Survey (INSPIRE-LP). The INSPIRE Surveys are aligned with national and state educational leadership standards, and offers evidence about the quality, effectiveness and improvement of leadership preparation and practice. INSPIRE Surveys continue to be used to evaluate the impact of leadership preparation programs on the experiences of graduate students. Recent research using multiple years of data collected through INSPIRE-G and INSPIRE-PP surveys has shown significant positive relationships between program attributes and graduates’ perceptions of program quality, leadership learning, and career intention of becoming a school leader (see for example: Anderson, et al., 2017; Ni, et al., 2022; Xia, et al., 2019). Beginning in Fall 2022, all institutions of higher education that provide leadership preparation programs will be invited to participate in the validated INSPIRE Graduate Survey.  

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Recent INSPIRE publications and presentations:

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