UCEA Program Centers


The primary purpose of a UCEA Program Center is to work in a target area of interest over a substantial period of time through identifying and coalescing the interests and resources of UCEA-member and non-member institutions, school districts, and governmental agencies. Currently, UCEA has eight program centers. Each of these centers has contributed greatly to UCEA’s mission through their involvement of faculty in timely and significant work in focused areas of inquiry. The presence of these centers has also added a vibrant dimension to their respective departmental academic activities. They have made substantial contributions to knowledge production and exchange of ideas in the field of educational leadership and the varied organizations served by educational leaders and administrators. Through this webpage we invite anyone who may have an interest in the work of these centers to please contact the center director(s) for information.

Program Center Governance

The UCEA Program Centers are governed by the UCEA Program Center Advisory Board and the UCEA Associate Director of Program Centers, Jayson Richardson. Their work is guided by the UCEA Program Center Policy. For inquiries concerning individual program centers, please contact the program center director(s). For inquiries regarding the development of a program center or the centers in general, please contact the UCEA Associate Director of Program Centers. E-mail Jayson W. Richardson at

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Program Center Advisory Board Information

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