The Paula Silver Case Award


The Paula Silver Case Award was instituted by UCEA in 1999 to memorialize the life and work of Paula Silver, a UCEA associate director and president-elect who made significant contributions to our program through excellence in scholarship, advocacy of women, and an inspired understanding of praxis. A sterling silver bowl is presented annually to the author(s) of the most outstanding case published during the last volume of the UCEA Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership.

Paula Silver

The deadline for nominations dues by August 25, 2023. Please email electronic copies of all nomination materials to ucea.org@gmail.com with the title of the award in the subject line.

Paula Silver Case Award Recipients


Seen Yet Unseen: A Case of Human Trafficking at Harris High School by Melinda Lemke & Erin Bascug, University of Buffalo & Ahlea Howard, International Institute of Buffalo


Mehtap Akay, Montclair State University 
Reva Jaffe-Walter, Montclair State University 
Excavating the Layers of Trauma in Homelands and Hostlands: Supporting Political Refugees in U.S. Schools


Josué López, University of Pittsburgh

Erica Fernández, Miami University


Karen Stansberry Beard, Ohio State University
Stanley E. Gates, II, Columbus City Council
Providing a Passport to the Future for Foster Youth: A Case for Educational Leadership and Policy


Jane Beese, Youngstown University

Jennifer Martin, University of Illinois at Springfield

The Bathroom Case: Creating a Supportive School Environment for Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Student


Paula Magee, IUPUI

Samantha M. Scribner, IUPUI

Jada Phelps-Moultrie, Michigan State University

Talk About a Racial Eclipse: Narratives of Institutional Evasion in an Urban School-University Partnership


David S. Knight, University of Texas at El Paso

Elena Izquierdo, University of Texas at El Paso

David, E. DeMatthews, University of Texas at El Paso

A Balancing act: School budgeting and resource allocation on a new dual language campus, Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, vol. 19, 4: pp. 32-46. , First Published November 3, 2016.


Dorothy Hines-Datiri, University of Kansas

When Police Intervene: Race, Gender and Discipline of Black Male Students at an Urban High School


Matthew M. Kaiser, Metropolitan School District of Washington Township, Indianapolis, IN
Keshia M. Seitz – Five-Star Technology Solutions, IN
Elizabeth A. Walters – Metropolitan School District of Perry Township,  Indianapolis, IN
Citation:Kaiser, M. M., Seitz, K. M., & Walters, E. A. (2014). Transgender Policy: What is Fair for All Students? Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, 17 (1),  3–16.  



Sally J. Zepeda, University of Georgia
R. Stewart Mayers of Southeastern Oklahoma State University
citation: Zepeda, S. J., & Mayers, R. S. (2013). Communication and trust: Change at the onset of appointment to the superintendency. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, 16, 14-30, first published on December 17, 2013 doi:10.1177/1555458913515986

Carol Karpinski, Fairleigh Dickinson University


Lisa Bass, University of Oklahoma
Gregg Garn, University of Oklahoma
Lisa Monroe, University of Oklahoma


Donald Peurach, Michigan State University
Gary E. Marx Eastern, Michigan University


Enrique Aleman, University of Utah


Catherine A. Lugg, Rutgers University
Autumn K. Tooms, Kent State University
Tooms, A., & Lugg, C. A. (2008). Oh, we’ve got trouble! right here in Ravenna city: It starts with “G,” and has an “S,” and ends in “A”(with apologies to Meredith Wilson). Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership11(1), 111-128.


Kerry S. Kearney, Oklahoma State University
Judith K. Mathers, Oklahoma State University


Lorraine Miller, Duval County Public Schools
David Strader, University of Texas-Arlington


David Mayrowetz, University of Illinois at Chicago
John Preston Price, Chicago Public Schools


Donald Leech, Valdostg State University
Lorraine Miller, Duval County Public School


Duane Covrig, University of Akron
Louis Trenta, University of Akron
Sharon Kruse, University of Akron


Sandra Lowrey, Stephen F. Austin State University
Sandra Harris, Stephen F. Austin State University


George White, Lehigh University
Thomas Mayes, Lehigh University


Stephen Davis, University of The Pacific


Karen Seashore, University of Minnesota
BetsAnn Smith, Michigan State University
1999 James S. Rinehart, University of Kentucky