INSPIRE Leadership Survey Suite

    Initiative for Systemic Program Improvement through Research in Educational Leadership (INSPIRE) Surveys include a suite of evaluation resources for leadership preparation programs to produce evidence helpful in improving programs, meeting accreditation requirements, and making the case for support.

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    2016 UCEA Convention Call for Proposals

    The 2016 UCEA Convention Call for Proposals is released!

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    2016 UCEA Convention

    The 30th annual UCEA Convention will be held November 17-20, 2016 at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center in Detroit, MI.

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    Policy Reports

    UCEA offers a number of in-depth peer-reviewed analyses of specific public policy issues written by Independent UCEA Researchers. A Policymaker’s Guide: Research-Based Policy for Principal Preparation Program Approval and Licensure (October 2015).

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    FIPSE LSDL Modules

    Overview and Introduction of FIPSE LSDL Modules

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    Although our member faculty and deans come from different states and regions, we all share the same goals of building knowledge for the field and providing quality preparation and lifelong learning experiences...

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    Vision, Goals, & Values

    UCEA is a community of scholars committed to the improvement of leadership and policy that supports the learning and development of ALL children. 

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About UCEA

The University Council for Educational Administration is a consortium of  higher education institutions.



The 30th annual UCEA Convention will be held November, 2016.



Resources as materials some offered freely and openly to adapt for teaching, learning, development.



Opportunities include Awards, Career, UCEA Committees, How to Get Involved in UCEA and More...


Grad Student Focus

The involvement and participation of graduate students is critical to the strength and future of the UCEA.

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JCEL December 2016 Spotlight (Moon)

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Median Middle School: Striving to Rise Above Average This case was developed for use with future school leaders in an educational setting. There are several topics of discussion that can be developed, including but not limited to policy implementation, the efficacy of professional learning ...

JCEL December 2016 Spotlight (Barakat, Brooks)

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When Globalization Causes Cultural Conflict: Leadership in the Context of an Egyptian/American School There is ongoing debate about the benefits and dangers of globalization in education, yet it is not always clear how these dynamics manifest at the school level. Moreover, it is often unclear ...

JCEL December 2016 Spotlight (Croteau, Lewis)

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“Just Like the Other Boys”: Meeting the Needs of Gender Diverse Students Gary Armstrong, assistant principal, is faced with a delicate situation. The elementary school recently enrolled a transgender student, and the principal, Amy Lamar, is resistant to considering the student’s unique ...

JCEL December 2016 Video Spotlight (Sterrett, Kensler, & McKey)

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Greener on the Other Side: Cultivating Community and Improvement Through Sustainability Practices Sustainability practices that lead to greener schools are often overlooked in leadership preparation programs and in school improvement efforts. An urban middle school principal recognizes the ...

Free limited-time access to top-read articles from UCEA journals!

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 UCEA proudly hosts three leading journals that highlight the latest research in the field of educational leadership: Educational Administration Quarterly, the Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, and the Journal of Research on Leadership Education.We invite you to take advantage of ...