About UCEA Membership

UCEA Institutional Membership

UCEA is a consortium of higher education institutions committed to advancing the preparation and practice of educational leaders for the benefit of schools and children. In order to be admitted to full membership, institutions undergo a rigorous institutional and program review.

UCEA is a community of scholars committed to the improvement of leadership and policy that supports the learning and development of ALL children.  UCEA actively initiates and leads educational reform efforts through its high-quality research and preparation programs.  UCEA institutions work collaboratively with schools and educational agencies to positively influence local, state, and national educational policy.  UCEA constantly questions and reevaluates its practice and beliefs to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. 

Current Member Institution

UCEA members are institutions of higher education, which have graduate programs in educational leadership, administration, and/or policy studies. These institutions prepare the next generation of school leaders ranging from assistant principals and principals to superintendents. Many of our members also prepare the next generation of educational leadership faculty. Partner members can be professional organizations or school districts. 

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