The University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) is governed by two representative bodies: The Plenum and the Executive Committee. The Plenum is formed by one representative from each member institution. The nine-member Executive Committee is elected from and by the Plenum.

UCEA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) meets monthly. EC members work with the Executive Director to develop long term organizational goals and policies, determine the allocation of resources, ensure that UCEA lives up to its vision, and influence the field of educational leadership. EC members serve three-year terms.

Executive Committee Members

Lisa Bass


North Carolina State University

Carol A. Mullen

Immediate Past President

Virginia Tech

Karen Stansberry Beard

President Elect

Ohio State University

Erin Anderson

University of Denver

Shelby Cosner

University of Illinois at Chicago

David DeMatthews

University of Texas at Austin

Miriam Ezzani

Texas Christian University

Kofi Lomotey

West Carolina University

Irene Yoon

The University of Utah

UCEA Executive Director

The Executive Director provides leadership and management for the organization. Under the leadership of the Executive Director, the UCEA Headquarters office implements the UCEA policies, develops initiatives and programs to achieve organizational goals, coordinates activities, and disseminates information resulting from research and developmental projects.

Mónica Byrne-Jiménez

Executive Director

UCEA Associate Directors

Associate Directors work with the Executive Director to build the vision and goals for each focal area of responsibility. Associate Directors also develop activities and initiatives in these focal areas that are consistent and help further UCEA’s mission. These focal areas are meant to enhance members experiences within UCEA.

Maysaa Barakat

International Initiatives

Florida Atlantic University

Jennifer Ng

Faculty Development

University of Kansas

DeMarcus Jenkins

Graduate Student Development

University of Pennsylvania

Chad Lochmiller

Policy and Advocacy

Indiana University

Chris Willis

Graduate Student Development

Bowling Green State University

Jayson Richardson

Program Research Centers

University of Denver

UCEA Plenum

The Plenum meets four times a year. Plenary Session Representative (PSRs) serve as official liaisons among their program, the EC, and the Executive Director. They participate in and inform UCEA initiatives, approve annual budgets, vote to accept new member institutions, and elect the members of the Executive Committee.

UCEA Plenary Session Representatives (PSRs) are elected or appointed by their program/department faculty. PSRs serve for a term of 3-6 years renewable.

In order to perform their governance responsibilities, PSRs are asked to review documents (i.e. meeting minutes, UCEA governance materials) and keep current on all items coming before the Plenum. PSRs can access the information they need for each Plenum meeting here.

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