Call for Nominations


Clark 2024 Nomination (Closed)

Each year, students are chosen to participate in the seminar through a rigorous selection process: first, they are nominated as candidates by their dean, department chair, or UCEA PSR; second, they develop a detailed research proposal that outlines salient features of their study; finally, the proposals are blind reviewed by members of the planning committee, which selects the forty highest-ranking nominees.

Each university may nominate up to two students. Please compile a nomination packet (nomination form, blinded abstract of student research, and blinded statement of proposed research) no later than December 1st, 2023. 

The nomination process for the 2024 David L. Clark Seminar closes on December 1st, 2023. Invitations for the 2024 Seminar will be extended in January.

Nominees should be outstanding doctoral students in PK-12 educational leadership and administration and/or PK-16 education policy, seeking careers in research. Nominees must have substantially completed their courses and must have formulated a dissertation proposal. In their statement of research, student nominees are asked to elaborate on the type of developmental support they would like to receive as a Clark Scholar—whether at the early phase of their dissertation or nearing completion. Nominations of students from underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged.

Each university may nominate up to two students. Nominations must be accompanied by a student research proposal, and all materials will be submitted online via the UCEA website. 

Statement of Research

The student’s statement of research should be no more than three (3) single-spaced pages, not including the reference section, and should outline the problem they are pursuing or plan to pursue in their dissertation research, its intended contribution to theory and practice, specific research questions, study procedures, and brief description of the type of feedback that would help them further develop this work. Both the abstract and the statement of proposed research should be devoid of any reference to the nominee’s name and/or institution. The statement is forwarded to NGSRSEA reviewers during the selection process.

Clark Seminar Statement of Research FAQs

Q: What content belongs in my statement of research?

A: Your statement of research should mirror a well-constructed research proposal. Please see the examples below for proposals deemed exemplary by reviewers in past years. 

Q: Does my statement of research really need to be three pages or less?

A: Yes. It really does. Reviewers are aware of this guideline and may deduct it from your score. It may be single-spaced, and the font choice and size should be easily readable for your reviewers. This page limit DOES NOT include your reference section, which does not have a page limit.

Q: Is it okay if I do not yet have data for my project?

A: Yes. The seminar is designed for those in the proposal phase, so you have an opportunity to amend your design before data collection; so, this is fine.

Q: Is the student abstract separate from the statement of research?

A: Yes. This is a blinded 150-word summary of your work that will be printed in the program if you are selected and is submitted with the nomination via the UCEA website. This text does not need to appear in your statement of research.

Examples of Exemplary Research Statements from Past Years

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4